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For asphalt, concrete, brick, and other surfaced areas. Do not use this product on uncured asphalt surfaces such as those commonly found on tennis courts, asphalt driveways, and some parking lots. Posa Ind. Road Paint can be used on the following surfaces:

Cured asphalt
Parking Lots
Floor marking
Striping contractors
Shopping centers
Plant maintenance personnel
Airport runways

Performance Characteristics

Quick drying
Abrasion resistant
Bleed resistant
Colours conform to U.S Bureau of Public Roads and Canada’s Ministry of Transportation.
High visibility. It can also serve as a binder for glass beads to make reflective markings.
High hiding
Ready to use
Do not use on uncured asphalt


Posa Ind. Wood Lacquer is formulated to bring out the best in all wood surfaces. They can be modified to give any desired gloss finish, from Glossy to Semi-gloss, to Stain to Matte finish.

Performance Characteristics
Air dried or Oven environment
Easy application
Smooth finish


Posa Ind. Two component (2K), heavy duty, exterior/interior Floor Coating Paint can be used at Airport Hangars, Warehouses and Factory floors.

Performance Characteristics
High Gloss
Excellent Chemical Resistance, colour retention and chalk resistance
Fast Drying
Abrasion resistant


Posa Ind. Automotive clear coat and Posa Ind. Automotive Hardeners are designed to be used over all automotive basecoat colours and properly prepared OE (original equipment) clearcoat in case it is a blend.

Performance Characteristics

Posa ind. Automotive Clearcoat is a fast drying, high solids, Polyurethane (2K) Clearcoat designed for use on all automotive refinishes.

This Clearcoat is designed for use in both Air-dry and baking environments.

This Clearcoat meets all Canadian and US Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) regulations.

Posa Ind. Automotive Clearcoat delivers outstanding appearance, gloss holdout and Distinction of Image (DOI).


Posa Ind. Reducers (Thinners) are fast evaporating and drying speed.It has excellent solvent strength with good flow levelling quality for general industrial usage.

Performance Characteristics
Excellent blush resistance
Non-photochemically reactive
Minimal amount needed to get desired viscosity
Can be used as wash solvent to remove grease from car parts and machinery
No residue when used for cleaning spray guns and equipments

What We Stand For

Our products meet North American, ASTM and Global Standards.
Our products are vigorously tested to adhere to those standards. Our raw materials are sourced from companies with global reach and are leaders and innovators in their fields of endeavour. These are the foundations on which our high quality products are made.

Who We Are
Canadian and Ghanaian manufacturer and exporter of coating products.

Posa Industries has one of its manufacturing plants based in Kasoa, Ghana.

Amongst Posa Ind.’s line of products are Road Marking Paints, 2K (Two Component) Polyurethane Automotive Clearcoat,

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